Thank you for your interest in the show!  Please fill out the enclosed information and send back as soon as possible with the picture you would like us to use on the show graphic and your bio so we can introduce you on the show.  This show is recorded FACEBOOK LIVE ( We do a full scale promotion of the show so be sure to share it out :)
We will send you a link in advance to come into the "Green" Room before the show for a mic & camera check.  Just a quick reminder that this is a G-PG rated show and we ask that you honor that by refraining from using language or topics that could be offensive to viewers.
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People interested in being a guest on one of the shows are welcome to submit this application. We ask if you were previously invited so we know which team member to direct this to.

Which Show(s) are you interested in being a guest on.

Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective - Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm PST) 
Vicki's unique interview where she uncovers and shares a different side of you than others have seen before. Entrepreneurs, Authors, Public Figures or Anyone that can add value to the community by sharing who they are.

Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully In Your Head - First Wednesday of the month 7:00pm PST 
Vicki has a new book coming out called Evict the Bully in Your Head and she interviews people that have been through a trial, trauma or difficult circumstances and have made it through the other side and are able to offer hope and encouragement to others. Being willing to share your vulnerability is what makes this show a success.

He Said, Red Said - A little bit of Business & a whole lotta Fun! - Monday Nights 7:30pm PST
You need to be a man to apply for this show so you are filling in as the "He". This show is all about fun, witty banter. We talk business, social media, politics, anything that can form a discussion and even a debate.  Our hashtags are #RedIsAlwaysRight & someone will get #FitchSlapped It is all in fun and no one is ever criticized are hurt. Feel free to check out previous episodes to see if you are a good fit.

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Are there any topics to be avoided?

Do you have a preferred main topic of discussion.

Is there a particular product, service, event etc. we will be highlighting in the interview or a main topic of discussion you would like to explore
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If you were NOT invited to be on the show, please share with us, why you would like to be on, what you would like to promote and how we can best assist you.

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